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Prospan Shoring: Universal Solutions on a Global Scale

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We provide first responders and others, dependable, easy-to-use equipment. Whether for trench wall support or structural and vehicular stabilizations, we’re here to support you…literally


Our patented products feature anti-projectile protection not available anywhere else.


Our products are designed to be installed quickly with user safety in mind.


We provide onsite Competent Person Training to comply with the OSHA Excavation Standard.

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About Prospan Shoring

Prospan Shoring was initially founded with first responders in mind, but the strength of the Prospan and its ease of use spread quickly to municipal water departments and utility companies as well. Already, Prospan products are being used in 12 countries and are trusted in emergency situations by the United Nations.

Highest Quality Standard


Meets OSHA Requirements


Registered Professional Engineer


University Tested


Anodized Aluminum

Why Our Products Stand Out


Strength & Durability

University of Illinois Tested

Easy to Install

A Simplified Procedure to Make Anyone an Expert

Virtually Maintenance Free

Occasional Cleaning is All That’s Needed

Who Our Clients Are

Whether state or local, national or international, Prospan has always been the solution.

Cook County-Illinois

Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Prospan products help fulfill this office’s purpose of organizing and coordinating countywide preparedness efforts in the wake of disasters and declared emergencies.

Regional Water Authority

New Haven, Connecticut
Prospan products aid RWA in promoting the preservation of watershed land and aquifers while providing customers with high quality water and services.

DTE Energy

Detroit, Michigan
DTE subsidiaries provide electric and/or gas service to more than 3,000,000 residential, business, and industrial customers in Michigan alone. Prospan helps ensure the power stays on.

United Nations

Haiti Earthquake Recovery
In the aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake of 2010, the UN trusted Prospan to provide shoring equipment to save lives. That relationship continues to today.

Detroit Energy

Arlington National Cemetery

Minnesota Task Force 1

University of Tennessee

University of Illinois

United Nations

Illinois Terrorism Task Force

We Energies

Regional Water Authority

Pennsylvania American Water

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