Trench Rescue-Untapped Resource

Having spent 30-years in emergency services, I can tell you that First Responders are a dedicated, close-knit group of individuals who pride themselves on being able to handle just about anything they encounter.  I can also state with certainty that the day they get...

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Trench Box Requirements

Trench boxes, often referred to as "Shields", are designed to withstand the collapse forces of a failing trench wall.  In addition, the shield must be rated for the type of soil and the depth for which it will be deployed.  In doing so, the worker is safeguarded from...

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How Shoring Works

Unlike trench boxes that can withstand collapsing soil, shoring cannot tolerate it. Shoring relies upon good cohesive soils...soils that remain vertical long enough to install the shoring. Once leveled and brought up to the required pressure, the shoring acts like a...

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