Screw Jack Support System

The Side Winder consists of a telescoping aluminum support (31-43.5″) which is based on the principal of a screw-jack. The screw is shielded by an expanding aluminum tube which can be stopped at any point along its travel distance. The Side Winder is capable of supporting loads in excess of 14,000 pounds. It’s an ideal solution for both vehicle stabilization as well as structural collapse environments.

The Side Winder base plate allows for both angular and vertical placement of the support system. The base plate also provides for a single, double or triple point of attachment. The maximum range of the Side Winder can be easily increased by adding an optional extension to the base of the Side Winder.

  • Telescoping Aluminum Piston
  • Angular or Vertical Placement
  • Single, Double, or Triple Point of Attachment
  • Optional Extensions Available
  • Durable Design
  • Simple to Maintain

Product Applications

The "Prospan way" is to use the right tool for the right job. If the job involves trench applications, structural applications, or vehicular applications, we have the right tool for you.


Trench Applications

Our patented Prospan products are cutting-edge in terms of safety for trench shoring applications. In most cases, plywood is unnecessary when using the Prospan, and your workers’ safety is better ensured with our anti-projectile protection.

Prospan products are only allowed to be under air pressure when they are shoring a trench. View Trench Kits



Structural Applications

When natural or man-made disasters strike, the stability of buildings and other structures is always a top concern for first responders trying to ensure the safety of others. We help ensure the safety of first responders and others working in potentially hazardous environments.

Prospan shoring products are designed to telescope toward their target. In some instances, the Prospan can support loads in excess of 40,000 pounds. View Structural Kits



Vehicle Applications

Automobile accidents provide thousands of opportunities for Prospan shoring products to be used annually. When a vehicle needs to be stabilized after a crash, our telescoping screw-jack system has been proven to be among the strongest in the world.

Prospan products hold up under the harshest conditions and are simple to maintain because of their minimalist design. View Vehicle Kits


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Get In Touch

Contact us with any questions or comments you have.